I am an approved supervisor on the UKCP Directory of Supervisors and Training Supervisors. My training was with Metanoia in London in 1994.  Since then I have had the absolute privilege of working alongside some extraordinary people, whose drive to serve is relentless, and whose willingness to share the struggles of this path and still
have the ability to find humour is humbling.

Those who I have worked with come from many walks of life: Staff and MacMillan Nurses from a Hospice, Breast Care Nurses and Psycho-sexual Counsellors from the NHS, Counsellors and Psychotherapists, Youth Workers, Firefighters, Train Drivers, G.P.s, Surgeons and Priests and the Clergy. I see anyone who feels in need of support and space for reflection of themselves and their working life.

In Supervision the areas considered can be as diverse as contextual and organisational issues, relationship dynamics with clients/patients/colleagues and, often most importantly and most neglected, the effects it has on the person themselves.

I work usually with one person face-to-face, on Skype or on the telephone. I am happy and trained to facilitate a group, where the pot is stirred by all (often a very rich experience). During this time we will consider psychodynamics, transference and projection as well as using image work and gestalt, depending on what calls at the time.