The Transpersonal Psychotherapy process is an opportunity to explore, regenerate and root oneself back into one’s own being, finding a deeper sense of self.

By standing at the interface between our outer and inner worlds we can seek more meaning and with a good heart and sensible mind, find a way to bridge these and return to wholeness and dive deeper into life.

The world we live in is a troubled one and modern life can be tough, demanding us to bend and twist out of our natural shape, like a tree struggling against wind or being throttled by ivy.

I offer a space for you to enhance your life and to live more consciously or to find some way through suffering from mental health problems or from crisis (like betrayal, grief in the heart or shame), and to be restored and know there is something other – something of joy, kindness, love and compassion and laughter.

Our work together can be flexible to accommodate what is needed and practical. I work from home and also at the Natural Health Centre, Penzance. I can offer a session for an hour on a weekly basis for ongoing continuity, or for two hours maybe every two or three weeks, if you are travelling a distance. Alternatively, an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon is a possible way of working with a few hours break in between. This would give time for reflection.

For a more condensed experience it would be possible, by arrangement, to meet daily for a week, so giving time to process the work whilst visiting this beautiful part of Cornwall. There are many good places to stay with two excellent pubs very close by. Please ask me if you are interested.

Transformation by Hebe Vaizey